Our Sustainability Action Plan

Educators and parents from our school community came together in early 2018 to develop the Sustainability Action Plan (2018 – 2020).   The aim of this action plan is to unite the many embedded principles and practices of sustainability that exist within the school with targeted and specific actions for improvement or growth in this area.

As a school community, we wish to create an environment where sustainability is not seen as something in addition to what we do, but that it is, quite simply, intrinsic to our way of engaging with people and the world around us, or a ‘frame of mind’  (p 27; Ontong & Le Grange, 2014). The goal of this action plan is to develop the systems, processes and actions that will provide us with the ongoing ability to do this.  From the frame of mind of connection, care and concern for each other and the world beyond our immediate community, we have linked our action plan to the Town of Cambridge’s Sustainability Strategy (2018 – 2023). Further to this, we have also included links to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our reference to these is done in the spirit of support for the global initiative and aspiration of these goals. We naturally acknowledge that the scope and scale of the UN goals is well beyond our local actions, but equally acknowledge that achieving these global goals will rely on action at all levels, including at the local level as promoted by the UN’s Be the Change initiative.

The Sustainability Action Plan briefly outlines the existing principles and practices of the school that support sustainability, and then details the specific actions we intend to take over the next three years towards greater sustainability.

In 2020 Bold Park Community School was a finalist in the Waste Wise Infinity Awards.


“...no learner can afford to be dependent on the teacher for everything that needs to be noticed, so teachers have to teach children to look for possibilities.”

Peter Johnston

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