Wilderness Playgroup

Ages 18 months to 3 Years


The Wilderness Playgroup connects our young members and their families with nature by basing this experience entirely in an outdoor environment. An educator facilitates our Wilderness Playgroup, encouraging curiosity and deep sensory engagement in the natural world.

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Early Childhood

Ages 3 to 5 years


The Early Childhood programs provide a gentle transition for children from home into a group setting. Our priority is ensuring each child feels safe, secure and supported. With a solid commitment to learning in and through nature, our programs keep children’s innate curiosity about the world alive.

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Primary School

Ages 5 to 11 years


Our Primary setting has a delightful ‘village’ feel, with children interacting in multi-aged groups and learning that spills out into the outdoors and beyond. Our Arts and outdoor specialists work alongside classroom educators to bring learning to life through engaging and integrated projects.

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Middle School

Ages 12 to 14 years


Our Middle School provides a unique learning environment for young adolescents with a balanced program delivered by subject-specialist teachers, complimented by our commitment to learning through the Arts and integrated projects. Our community grouping of 12 to 14-year-olds in Middle School provides a more natural peer group and opportunities for students to move forward with or consolidate their learning.

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Ages 15 to 18 years


Our College provides a unique choice in senior schooling designed around what young people need to thrive in the modern world. Our flexible College program offerings allow our students to shape their learning to meet their strengths and pursue their chosen pathway. In a setting that puts the ‘who’ of learning equally alongside the ‘what’ of learning.

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Specialist Programs

Ages 3 to 18 years


Uniquely Bold Park, the addition of specialist focus areas and educators is our point of difference in addition to the WA Curriculum. From Pre-Kindy, our youngest learners are involved in the Bluearth program and Visual Arts which continues to Yr 12. Music, Physical Education and Outdoor specialists provide new skills from Yr 1 to 12 with Language, Cooking, Outdoor Wild Space (including sleepover) and Camps on offer from Yr 3 to 12.

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"We’ve always been impressed with the teaching teams but this year the team was exceptional. Their knowledge of the curriculum, intervention supports and how to individualise both, was extensive and very much appreciated"


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