College offer a range of courses which ensure all students exceed the requirements of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). We offer an individualised program to meet the needs of students who are targeting a vocational or tertiary pathway in their post-secondary worlds.

We have offered a Nationally Accredited CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design since 2017. This is a unique proposition for any WA School and allows students to access many university courses directly with English competency requirements met.

Most recently; we acquired a property in Maylands on Seventh Avenue. In 2021, following relevant approvals and significant updates to the buildings and grounds, the Maylands Campus is a wholly dedicated state of the art site for College students. A very exciting proposition for our Years 10 to 12 students. You can read more about the ‘gift’ of Maylands in our blog.

Bold Park Community School is committed to offering College students a range of diverse educational and vocational experiences in their senior years. In shaping the College package each year we are committed to;

  • Ensuring that students may successfully achieve university entrance through courses offered at Bold Park Community School via multiple means of entry.
  • Ensuring that all graduation (WACE) requirements are able to be achieved through course structures at Bold Park Community School.
  • Selecting courses based on the abilities and interests of the students in the College population.
  • Offering additional specialist courses through our partnership with SIDE (Distance Education).
  • Formally recognising students through Endorsed Program Accreditation.
  • Implementation of Workplace Learning Strategies to ready students for future workplace/s.
  • Developing partnerships with TAFE in order to offer Nationally Accredited Certificate I, II, III or IV courses.
  • Nationally Accredited CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design.
  • Nationally Accredited CUA20715 Certificate II in Visual Arts.
  • Seeking authentic partnerships with businesses, universities and working closely with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.
  • Offering The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at Bold Park Community School for students aged 14 and above.
  • Recognition for Community Service hours through Years 10 – 12.

In brief, we develop a program with students which incorporates; WACE Courses, Endorsed Programs, Nationally Accredited Certificate (VET) Courses, TAFE Courses (External or Correspondence), School-Based Traineeships, Distance Education (SIDE) Offerings and work placements. All of these areas are explained in more detail in the College Handbook along with the requirements for achieving Year 12 graduation and career/study pathways beyond Secondary Schooling.

Whilst offerings may change from year to year based on individual student needs, we currently offer;

VET Courses/Endorsed Programs
  • CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design
  • CUA2071 Certificate II in Visual Arts
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
  • VET in Schools (by application)
  • United Nations Global Citizen and Sustainability Program
  • School-Based Apprenticeship & Traineeships (by application)
WACE Course Units (General)
  • English (4 Units)
  • Mathematics Essential (4 Units)
  • Mathematics Foundation (4 Units)
  • Media Production and Analysis (4 Units)
  • Integrated Science (4 Units)
  • Physical Education Studies / Health Studies (4 Units)
ATAR (Available through SIDE – Distance Education Course Partnerships)* 
  • “Specialist” Units determined by student interest

A student at Bold Park Community School, commencing Year 10 and finishing in Year 12 will accumulate all WACE Course Units for graduation and at least one Nationally Accredited Certificate II Qualification tailored to their strengths, interests and career leanings. In 2018, we had our first students graduating with a Certificate IV qualification!


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised youth development program providing opportunities for personal and social development for 14-25 year olds through skill development, recreational pursuit, volunteering and completing an adventurous journey. By fulfilling the BRONZE or SILVER level of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, College students will receive an additional 2 WACE Unit credits which will be recorded on their academic record




Camps (See separate page for ‘Camps Rationale‘)
Camps have been a part of our Middle School and College at BPCS for many years and give our students unforgettable experiences where they have opportunities to build and establish strong social bonds with their peers and teaching team; learning about each other enables them to work, learn and interact more successfully; they learn about themselves and about the things that challenge and motivate them, developing self-respect and respect for others; foster resilience, confidence and empowerment for students as they attempt things which may be outside their comfort zone.

BPCS Handbook
More information regarding the structure of our College program can be found in the 2022 BPCS HANDBOOK.

What to hear some stories from our College program? Please visit our “On the Ground” page!


“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Dalai Lama

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