Our staff look for threads in the curiosities and questions of our students to give agency (a way for student ideas to direct the path of learning). I have seen a thread across our School community from the questions and challenges I have experienced. This thread is about how we support our children to navigate the social world, both online and face to face. The term ‘guardrails’ came up a lot in my research and chats with the Wiser Than Me experts in the field of online safety.

Schools and families are working hard to support our young people with guardrails so they can connect and safely navigate the online world. There is a village supporting our children here at Bold Park Community School, and with our help, they will make fewer mistakes and then be able to consider the advice they will give their younger selves in the future.

The school will be coordinating student and family workshops on cyber safety and awareness. Stay tuned to EDUCA and class updates for these in the future.

With Gratitude,
Felicity Kinsella
Acting Principal