Rosa Speranza

Rosa Maria Speranza is the first born child of an Italian post second world war immigrant couple. Raised in a particularly Italian household she has grown to love elements of her life that are steeped in language, culture and tradition.

Rosa began her teaching career 36 years ago as a language specialist in three Primary Schools in WA. This was followed by positions in three Secondary Schools teaching Italian, English and Drama and holding a variety of leadership roles.

She considers it a privilege to walk alongside young people at this significant time in their lives and is passionate about creating engaging, compassionate and innovative educational experiences that challenge students to be thinking citizens of the future.

Rosa has enthusiastically embraced the invitation to be a part of the BPCS community as our Italian teacher and member of the Arts Team.


“A school has the responsibility not only to engage their community in the pursuit of academic skills but to promote an attitude of life-long learning and thus keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”

Gillian McAuliffe

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