Holly James

Holly graduated from The University of Notre Dame as a teacher in 2022. Whilst working as a Co-Educator in year 5/6 at Bold Park Community School in her final year of studies, Holly thrived in an environment of like-minded teachers with a passion for innovative teaching and learning.
Holly has previously worked as a horticulturist using her knowledge or botany to help people with their plant and garden care. Her love of the natural world is reflected in her personal philosophy of teaching and learning and is fullfilled through the Reggio-inspired philosophy a Bold Park Community School.
Holly enjoys a student constructivist approach to teaching and learning and providing students with multi-sensory, scaffolded and contextually relevant learning experiences. She believes a teacher guides students’ developmental journeys whilst providing them with knowledge on skills to emerge into the world as confident, compassionate and independent-minded individuals.
In her free time Holly enjoys painting, gardening, baking and spending time with friends and family.


“A school has the responsibility not only to engage their community in the pursuit of academic skills but to promote an attitude of life-long learning and thus keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”

Gillian McAuliffe

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