As per Bold Park tradition, we will be selling soup as a fundraiser for our friends at the Panchkhal Orphanage in Nepal.  Parents, children and any other family members coming for the festivities will be able to pre-purchase a delicious and nutritious cup of soup Roasted Pumpkin (Vegan) or Chicken & Vegetable Soup with a bread roll – perfect for warming up after sliding down the mud pit. Additionally you can directly donate to the orphanage via our collection.

In 2023, funds collected provided mattresses to all children which desperately needed. All the funds we have received spent on buying mattress, food, and sport equipment so on.

This special celebration is now recognized around the world and has become International Mud Month as a way to celebrate nature, humanity, play and equality.  As in the words of Bishnu Bhatta – “In the lap of nature, everyone is equal”.


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