When you visit our school and as you look through our website; you will discover that BPCS is an intimate, caring and innovative 21st Century school, catering for children through our Playgroup, Early Childhood, Primary and Adolescent Middle School and College programs. BPCS offers a unique educational choice between mainstream and established alternative schooling, which caters for families looking for a nurturing environment which supports latest research and best practice.

The BPCS vision has been supported with newer buildings that include a large Undercover Area, Science Lab, Community Arts Centre (The Mac), Multi-Function Media Arts Hub, Generalist Classrooms and Study Room Facilities. In 2018, Bold Park Community School was gifted a 2.5 million dollar school in Maylands which was developed to expand our Year 10-12 Senior Secondary programs and opened in 2021.

The current structure offers a Community Class setting within Upper Primary, Middle School and College; fostering a unique caring, nurturing and ‘family’ based environment for targeting the specific needs of emerging teenagers and young adults.

BPCS offers an established integrated Arts Program across the school, where students have the opportunity to engage with Focus Teaching Teams in Dance, Drama, Music, Media, Visual Arts, Culture, Kitchen Garden and Physical Education.

Whatever age or stage your child is at, we invite you and your family to discover our unique school located next to beautiful Lake Galup (Lake Monger), which provides rich inspiration for our programs.

Bold Park Community School is in the enviable position of maintaining waiting lists for many sections of the school. Our School Handbook and Program Structure and Fee Schedule provide additional information for your consideration. To book for one of our tours or to secure an individual booking which would best cater for your schedule, please call our Community Engagement Coordinator on (08) 9387 5050; email: communityengagement@boldpark.com or complete our contact form (below) and we will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively; you can book into one of our tours at:


We look forward to meeting you and your family soon. In the meantime, why not have a sneak peek of our beautiful school through our Virtual Tours in the Our Campus section of the website.

Kind regards,


Paul Whitehead (Principal)

Bold Park Community School



“One of the things that has been wonderful about the Bold Park Community School is its opportunity to respond to the needs that are specific to the child ... it is reassuring when a school can deliver at a pace and style that is respectful of the individual's differences and needs AND to demonstrate the relevance of curriculum issues into the application for real life and living.”

Dr Trevor Parry

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