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I am delighted to extend an invitation to you to consider Bold Park Community School (BPCS) as a world-class, learning environment for your child.

When you visit our school and as you look through our website; you will discover that BPCS is an intimate, caring and innovative 21st Century school, catering for children through our Playgroup, Early Childhood, Primary and Adolescent Programs. BPCS offers a unique educational choice between mainstream and established alternative schooling, which caters for families looking for a nurturing environment which supports latest research and best practice.

The BPCS vision has been supported with newly opened buildings that include a Science Lab, Community Arts Centre, Writers’ Hub, Generalist Classrooms and Study Room Facilities. BPCS was granted registration to extend into Years 11 and 12 in 2011. This means that BPCS is able to provide an educational choice for families seeking an alternative Senior Secondary option in the Western Suburbs!  The current structure offers a Community Class setting within Upper Primary, Middle School and College; fostering a unique caring, nurturing and ‘family’ based environment for targeting the specific needs of emerging teenagers and young adults.

BPCS offers an established integrated Arts Program across the school, where students have the opportunity to engage with Focus Teaching Teams in Dance, Drama, Music, Media, Visual Arts, Culture, Kitchen Garden and Physical Education.

Whatever age or stage your child is at, we invite you and your family to discover our unique school located next to beautiful Lake Galup (Lake Monger), which provides rich inspiration for our programs.

Bold Park Community School is in the enviable position of maintaining waiting lists for many sections of the school. To book in for one of our tours or to secure a tour time that would best cater for your schedule, please call Maureen Marsh on 9387 5050 or email

We look forward to meeting you and your family soon.

Most Sincerely


Paul Whitehead

Bold Park Community School



Singapore American International School Visitors

On the 4th April we had a visit from eight delegates of the Singapore American International School; their agenda was to visit select schools across New Zealand and Australia whom they felt were offering a cutting-edge model of effective schooling; matched to the 21st Century learner. They were primarily focused on Middle School; however, their feedback and commentary on the school as a whole was so positive, we felt it important to share with you all.

I was delighted to show them around our school. I always love the positive energy of walking through our spaces with visitors; there is always so much happening!

One of the delegates wrote to offer some feedback on what they had harvested from their visit. I hope you are as encouraged as I was:

 Hello Paul,

We had a great trip! And yes, we are bursting with excitement. We saw a lot of wonderful things...including many at your school.

Here are some of our take-aways. I hope you don’t mind a bullet list.

  • Teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to both the students and the philosophy of the school.
  • The Bold Park Community School philosophy was apparent as we walked around your school grounds. We loved seeing student work everywhere from the banners hanging on the buildings to the beautiful mural on the back wall.
  • We all walked away feeling good about the ‘vibe’ at Bold Park. It’s a place where we’d like to send our own children to school. It felt relaxed, not harried...perfect for learning.
  • The spaces feel real. Real spaces for real purposes. The rooms aren’t cubes with rows of desks.
  • We were impressed with how much you encourage students to take responsibility for their learning. This is our challenge as we move forward.
  • I know I keep saying we were impressed….but yet again, we were impressed with the great work you did with students on the forensics project. (Writing a collective novel and burying a real cow. Love it!)
  • Tied to authentic learning, we like how you bring in experts as needed to work with students. (street artist, chef, etc.) It’s a great way to bring the community into your school.
  • Two challenges we have which Bold Park seems to have figured out are a more integrated approach to teaching subjects and creating time for students to follow their passions. We loved seeing this in action.

Keep up the great work. If you’re in Singapore, feel free to drop by for a visit.

 Heather Dowd

 Singapore American School


Young Learners Conference

By Gillian McAuliffe

Rhys George and I were privileged to attend the inaugural Young Learners Conference in Sydney on 1-3 of April.  This conference was convened to discuss the use of technology in early childhood classrooms and the family. We were asked to present as an example of best practise and we were thrilled to tell the stories of the integrated use of technology in our long term investigations. It was clear that we were using technology in a fundamentally different way than most of the participants and certainly at a level which the very knowledgable keynote presenters from the USA, UK and Australian Universities saw as ground breaking and innovative practise.

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Bold Park Community School - A Future School

By Gillian McAuliffe

I had the great pleasure in sharing the magic of Bold Park Community School at the Future schools Conference in Sydney last week. Paul Whitehead, Coordinator of Middle School and College attended the conference with me and we are delighted to confirm that the choices we have made at Bold Park Community School are the choices which other schools are just  ow beginning to make and recognise as important for students in the 21st Century. 

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