Year 3/4 Sleepover Camp

The Earth Hunters and Noticing Ngoorlarks had an awesome end to their week with a sleepover camp at school last night. I ventured down to their classrooms recently to find out from the students what they did and this is what I learnt.

There was a lot of food involved, or maybe their focus was just on the food, whatever it was, the Noticing Ngoorlarks were keen to tell me about the food they ate. Burgers, salads, s’mores, Cornflakes, Weetbix, toast, hotdogs and sandwiches, there was plenty of food to go round and feed these hungry students.

Tent building was the first experience on Thursday and the Earth Hunters and Noticing Ngoorlarks were fit for the challenge. The students worked together in their groups to build their sleeping quarters for the night. One group who had a larger tent had some help from Felicity and Nicole to construct their tent and Matt helped get the extra-large tent out of its bag.


Following a splendid dinner of burgers and salad, Jarryd said they had fifteen minutes to pack up, clean up and be ready and waiting around the fire pit. Off they raced to get themselves sorted! Once everyone had assembled around the firepit Jarryd announced that they were going to go and play “spotlight”! The Earth Hunters and Noticing Ngoorlarks headed off to the Early Childhood Playground for a game of spotlight. They had lots of fun, one Earth Hunter said:

“Playing spotlight and making and eating s’mores was the best part of the sleepover!”

Once they had finished playing spotlight everyone headed back to the fire pit for some s’mores and stories before heading to bed. Two of the Noticing Ngoorlarks agreed that for them the best bit about the sleepover was the s’mores. Another mentioned that Jarryd had said everyone could only have two marshmallows and so we had to be careful not to drop them!

Once in bed, some students took a little longer than others to settle and go to sleep, the excitement and anticipation of the day taking its toll. In one tent fairy stories were told as they settled. One Noticing Ngoorlark said this was her favourite part of the sleepover. Eventually, there was quiet at Bold Park Community School and only the insects and wind in the trees could be heard…

There was much discussion over breakfast about a loud noise that occurred intermittently throughout the night, some of the students pondered whether this might have been Jarryd snoring! We may never know.

All in all the students had a wonderful time, experiencing all that a sleepover at Bold Park has to offer.


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