Undercover Area and Minor Works

You will, of course, notice the new building has been successfully completed and basic landscaping around the site has commenced (pathway changes, lawns, wood chips, etc.) The management of the project has been thoroughly executed by Sue Wyatt in partnership with our builders (Thomas Building) and Mark Baker; I am most thankful for their thorough work over the holiday period. It has been a joy to watch space transform over the past five weeks. I would also like to acknowledge the work of our ground staff (Warren and Paul H) as well as the effort of our ‘extra workers’; Harrison and Yari in preparing for Day 1! I have kept the scope of works communication for your information (below).

You might be amazed looking at the undercover area from the ‘outside’ but we know you’ll enjoy a whole new perspective from within; a place where play, sport, dance, drama, song, performance, parades, gatherings and celebrations will make new and exciting memories for our community.

Other significant works have also been completed on site during the holidays, these are:

  • New kitchens in all three Early-Childhood kitchens
  • Fully renovated bathrooms in Primary
  • The boathouse has undergone a major internal transformation to ‘open’ the space up
  • Multiple spaces have been repainted; including Middle School and the MAC.



Dear Parents

I am pleased to update you on the scope of works that will be taking place on site over the holiday period and provide you with a projected timeline in relation to the Undercover Area (Phase 1) Project.

The Board and Leadership of the school have been discussing the project since 2016 whilst at the same time developing our new Strategic Plan (2017-2020) in close consultation with the community. This process is made visible in our AGM Report 2016 (Page 34).

Undercover Area (Phase 1) Project

In June 2017, we were pleased to announce the following:

On behalf of the Bold Park Community School Advisory Council (Inc) and the Staff of Bold Park Community School, I am pleased to announce that the school will be investing in the first phase of an on-site development to refurbish the area currently occupied by the Basketball Court. The project provides the school with an opportunity to move the proposed facilities through the first of two potential stages of development.

Phase One (“The Undercover Area”): In Phase One we will install a cover for the basketball/tennis area which will become a covered sport/play and meeting area. In this initial phase, the foundations will also be replaced to include electrics and infrastructure to prepare for a possible phase two. The footprint will allow for approximately 890m2. (Read the full Newsflash/Blog from June 2017)

We are excited about this project and the opportunities it will open for our school both in Phase One and Phase Two. Certainly, in the immediate term, the facility will provide: expanded play options, a covered assembly area, additional shaded opportunities for sporting, play, performance and for arts activities; our whole-school events will also be better accommodated. More obviously, it provides our classes with an opportunity to stay ‘outdoors’ (in line with our school philosophy) during unpredictable weather.

Since our mid-year announcement, we received numerous letters/emails of support for this project and we communicated that: We are securing final structural drawings, obtaining a building permit and getting quotes to commence the building of the structure.

Indeed, during this period the following works have already been completed:

  • Design and documentation
    • Contractor nomination (after a rigorous tender process – 3 companies tendered for the project)
    • Execute contracts
    • Architects latest set of drawings
    • Consultants drawings finalised
    • Building specifications and
    • Multiple inspections/meetings on site
  • Procurement
    • Construction drawings issued
    • Steel frame structure, drawings and approval
    • Manufacturing and material procurement

Final contracts were signed with the successful tender secured by Thomas Building and works are officially due to commence on the 9th December 2017 with the anticipation of finishing on the 30th January 2018 (or early term one).

When will the Undercover Area be completed?

As you can appreciate the holiday period is the best possible time for building/works to be completed on a school site but it is also a tricky time for builders as they accommodate the Christmas and New Year period with their workers. Whilst the goal is to finish completion of the Undercover Area before students commence school on the 31st January 2018, there is a realistic possibility that final completion will be delayed beyond this time.

The timelines negotiated for completion of works are summarised as follows:

  • From Saturday, 9 December 2017 to 12 December 2017 – Site Establishment
    • Establish site boundaries
    • Demolition and clear access to site
    • Temp fencing and signage
    • Protect existing paving and trees
    • Confirm position of underground services
  • From 13 December 2017 until 30 January 2018 – Construction
    • Sub-structure
      • Earthworks
      • Underground services
        • Excavate for pads
        • REO, formwork, HD bolts and concrete to pads
    • Super-structure
      • Erect structural steel
      • Signage
      • Services, electrical and hydraulic
      • Roof plumbing and wall cladding
      • Floors
      • Floor finish, line marking

The grounds in the immediate vicinity of the new construction will not be finalised in this period but will be safe and secure when students return. As communicated in last week’s Newsflash, Nicole and a team of teachers and students are carefully considering the play spaces and opportunities within this arena (and incorporate the expanded opportunities that will be provided by the undercover area). Some parents have already provided comprehensive written feedback in relation to Nicole Hunter’s feature ‘Developing our Play Environments’ in the Newsflash last week- thank you!

What about Phase Two?

Phase Two would offer different opportunities, our June Newsflash/Blog states:

In Phase Two the “Undercover Area” may (at a later date) be fully enclosed to include an open design concept facility which will double as both an Indoor Sporting Facility and Performing Arts Centre (complete with stage, change rooms, backstage areas, green room and potential for music rooms, kitchenette, etc.).  In this model, the space would also be able to be ‘opened up’ to the outdoors through giant sliding doors for events/celebrations and a possible mezzanine floor.

The school has sought grant funding for Phase 2 (two years in a row) through the AISWA Capital Grants program and we have been ‘short-listed twice’ (though not successful). If a grant were to be secured, the amount would likely cover most of the expense of Phase 2, so we have felt that it has been worth pursuing (and I thank Sue and Lei especially for their work on this over the past two years).

Phase Two would provide a gambit of additional opportunities for the school not only in terms of the facility itself but also the options that would be opened by reimagining how the MAC could be purposed in consideration of our Strategic Plan (2017-2020) objectives.

Does the school have a process it is required to follow in relation to engaging works on site?

Yes, even for more ‘minor’ works we secure three quotes before proceeding to employ contractors/installers/builders (e.g. the blinds, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) With the “Undercover Area” we enter into a more lengthy tender process (as the scope of works is comprehensive). We (the Board and Management) scrutinised three specific tender responses before moving to engage Thomas Building.

Can we afford it?

This is a great question and I believe a real cause for celebration! The short answer is ‘Yes’. Only three short years ago the school was facing more troubling times and we are delighted to have redirected our trajectory (as reflected in our AGM Financials) in this time.

In addition, the school was successful in securing a Low-Interest Loan (LILs) for the majority of the Phase One project from the State Government of Western Australia.

Will our children continue to be well supported with frontline services (teachers, support, etc.)?

Over the last few years (Since 2015), we have nearly doubled our teacher resource budgets, introduced area and environment budgets (to empower team leaders and staff), improved our support services (including: Inclusive Education Coordinator, Counsellor and Support Assistant) as well as maintaining a budgeted investment in the frontline provision of staff and training of 70-80% of total annual funds received! This has and remains priority ONE!

I have more questions

I would be delighted to meet with you personally if you have any additional questions and I look forward to seeing you next week at a class or whole school event!

Copies of the undercover area plans can be downloaded to view by clicking here: Undercover Area Plans_Website

Minor Works on Site too!

During the holiday period, the school will also undertake other works and projects on site:

  • Refurbishment of Primary Toilets (Both Boys and Girls)
  • Renovation of the Early Childhood Kitchens – the ‘kitchens’ between the classrooms, allowing for improved functionality, storage and aesthetic.
  • Interior renovation of the Boathouse – the removal of walls to expand the interior and better accommodate our College students
  • Painting in areas not refreshed in 2017 (The MAC, Middle School and College)

On behalf of the Board, Leadership and Staff – we thank you for your ongoing support.

Most kindly

Paul Whitehead


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