The Curious Djidi Djidi’s and the case of the mysterious book!

As the Curious Djidi Djidi’s returned to the classroom from morning fitness something mysterious had taken place… A green book was lying on their mat, with orange ribbon tied around it and orange glitter scattered over and next to it. One student was quick to notice and enthusiastically shared his observation with his peers. There was a lot of excitement and wonder as the Curious Djidi Djidi’s huddled around the book, unsure whether to touch it! Straight away the children started theorising about how it got there and what it was. A couple of the children were certain that it was their teacher Brooke … but Brooke had been out at morning fitness so it couldn’t have been. Two more children suggested the fairies had visited but others disagreed as the book would be too heavy for them. There was a long discussion about the book, all that was known was that it said ‘Book’ on the front. Someone suggested that it would be a good idea to search the classroom for more clues, unfortunately, other than a short trail of glitter, there was nothing to be found.

The children then sat and listened to a story, not read from a book, an oral story that they have decided to attempt to learn off by heart. It was the story of the Snow Dragon.

In the story, they met a character named Book! It was a book written as a handbook of instructions about how the world works and it gives information about everything that is currently happening in the world. The whole class couldn’t believe it, that book had ended up in their classroom. It all made sense because in the story, Book jumped off the dragon and floated down from the sky and the story finished without telling us what happened to Book. As we listened one child was certain that Book had jumped off the dragon and landed in our classroom.

The children learnt that the dragons find this book very useful so they began to wonder if the dragons will now come and look for it. They asked, “Will the dragon’s come to our classroom? Is it dangerous that we have Book with us? Why did it end up in our classroom?” So many questions! Another child thought that we need to give it to the snow dragons (the heroes of the story).

One child realised that in the story Book could talk so we should figure out how to make it talk. He exclaimed, “This is Book!” He couldn’t believe that they had the real book in their classroom. Others agreed that they need to read it and thought that they might need to do some extra research to find out more about this mysterious book.

It was decided that they should put Book on the shelf as an experiment to see if it moves and then decide what to do from there…..

This was the starting point for the Year 1/2s upcoming work in Talk 4 Writing. This term they will be looking closely at the structure of a narrative and will be using the story of the snow dragons to explore story structure and more. 


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