Term One Letters to Our Children

This article was written last year on EDUCA before our Term One Letters were sent out and is an important part of the genuine care our staff show in communicating with your child…

With the end of Term One upon us, the teaching staff recently spent some time reflecting on the process beneath our “Term One Letters to the Children”.

This practice was developed a number of years ago as a way for educators to send a positive message to each and every child in their class. While these are not reporting documents, they are a very authentic way for educators to reflect on the individual students in their class from a holistic perspective.

As a staff we wanted to be sure that we were connecting with the authenticity of this intention. We discussed the opportunities the letters provide to us, as well as the possible pitfalls. We resolved that we wanted to ensure the letters did not become formulaic.  We want to ensure they retained an original voice and appropriate message for the age range of the students across the school. Through this joint reflective process we hope to refresh and consolidate our approach.

We resolved to try and keep the messages clear and sincere. To vary how we present, format and deliver the message. Some of these messages may arrive in the mail or via a short ceremony at school. Some may take the form of a letter, others may not!

Above all we hope the children enjoy receiving these and that this simple gesture, goes some way to making visible the care and value we hold for each and every child at our school.


As a foot note, in 2016 we enjoyed our Staff retreat and I secretly asked parents and their children to consider writing a note of affirmation to our staff to read as a surprise on the final day … it was beautiful to see how the community responded and the lovely heart-felt cards, notes and pictures from both the children and families was a great blessing to us all. It was humbling to be on the ‘receiving’ end! 



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“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”

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