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Science is strongly celebrated at BPCS …  I was discussing this point with parents just this past week, highlighting that in addition to our wide range of Arts Specialists who have a strong Science mind-set we also have 5 full qualified secondary Science/Math educators on staff; Ursula, Nicole, Leslie, Trent and Malora – at a time when many schools are crying out for Science specialists … we are very blessed indeed!

Whilst much focus is given to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in educational media, we are very focused on the integration of these disciplines and the essential role of the Arts in helping our students to interpret, construct and unpack the deeper understandings and ethical implications of Science’s growing reach in our lives. For us, this changes the focus from STEM to STEAM (including the integral role of the Arts). This integration of Art and Science was not only evident in this week’s events but will become even more visible through our upcoming Arts Showcase – Create and Connect Festival… another not-to-miss event!

This is Bold Park Community School’s second year in leading a Super Science Day with Moerlina School having also been joined by Chrysalis School in 2016. This year, Ursula once again organised a super day with students asked to work in teams to construct a vehicle that will race down a sloped track; students were instructed to consider the influence of the laws of motion and the scientific method by working with experimental variables (that sentenced utilised the full range of my science vocabulary).

I was so excited to see the energy, passion and focused commitment of the teams from Year 3-6 working alongside our Middle School and Year 10 Mentors! There was a buzz in the Science Lab, Launch Room (MAC) and the Maker-Spaces across Secondary and Primary!

Ursula also lead a Super-Science Day for Our Middle School and College students on Tuesday. Both days were complete with prizes and a goody bag (organised by Juanita) and home-made “Team Shields” which are a perpetual celebration for the Science Teams!

Special thanks to Ursula and all of the teachers for making the day run so smoothly and to all of the parents who were able to attend.



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“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

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