School is so much fun!

With a day like this, that is as carefully planned by amazing teachers, who wouldn’t love coming to school to learn!

The students in Pre-Primary started the day with a song and learned some Noongar language. After a quick clapping game to refresh themselves with each other’s names, they read a special book; The First Day of School by Toby Forward. On one page of the book was a boy’s first day at school and on the opposite page there was Mum doing similar things at work. They discussed this and decided that it is OK to miss your parents and that they are missing us too but we make the choice to have a great day. The story was also interesting because they were able to compare it with the things they saw in their classroom. They talked about all the possibilities for play that they saw in their new space. Then it was time to explore!

A lot of enjoyment was heard in the camping area. Painting and drawing as well as using the different construction materials was a popular choice. The Gingerbread Man board game with Trish was a favourite with the students!

It was then time for morning tea and a great play outside. When it was time to go back in, Trish led the Pre-Primary students on an obstacle course around the playground. They found this to be a funny and entertaining way to come back inside. It was then time for another story, Memory Bottles by Beth Shoshan. After they had read it, everyone wanted to bring their own jars and bottles to the mat. There was a lot of discussion about maybe putting a memory into our own bottle. What does that mean? One student thought he might like to put in a memory about an island beach and a boat. What would be needed? Another student decided that he wanted to capture his memory of today and caught some of the today air in his jar! Julia mentioned that she would like to capture the memory of the day she got her cat but that was several years ago. How would she go back in time to capture that air? It was clear that solutions for all of the questions bubbling away would be answered then, so the conversation was parked for another time. Over the course of the day, a few students were spotted hanging out at the bottle table discussing the memories that might fit inside.

It was time for more of a play inside. Spending the day relaxed and making connections to the space and of course with each other, seeing games grow and change as more and more friends joined together was great!

After a quick tidy up and a bit of a game, hungry tummies were fed and then students posed for a fun photo to share with their parents!

After another great play outside it was time to clean up and come in to recharge with some meditation. Julia taught the students two things that can help them to focus. One was our Four Steps. Step 1 is to sit comfortably on your bottom, Step 2 is to take a deep breath, in Step 3 is to sit up straight and imagine that light is beaming out of your chest, in Step 4 you look at the person who is speaking. Julia also taught a handy breathing strategy that can be used if you feel upset of frustrated. You take a slow breath in for 4 counts, hold the breath for a small moment and then blow it all out. To finish you close your eyes and listen to some calming music. Afterwards the students had a look at some books together and ate some fruit.

Gabbi then came to visit for a music session! She taught the students how to sing Twinkle Twinkle in Noongar and they played bells while they sang. They had fun experimenting with different ways to play the bells. It was more complex than they expected! They finished off their music session by using tapping sticks to make patterns and even listened to some jazz.

The students finished off their day with an impromptu disco!


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