One of the “rights of passage” as children transition from pre-primary to primary school at Bold Park is to get their tool license. While many of the children have had experience with tools in early childhood, they will have more opportunity to develop these skills and work independently on projects in the tool shed of the Wildspace.

Each child is oriented to the tool shed area and instructed in safety while using tools. The correct use of hand tools is demonstrated, after which the students must in return demonstrate the safe use of a hand drill, hack saw, hammer and hand saw. Once they do so, they earn their tool license to work in the tool shed during class time and lunch.

While the use of tools is still supervised and children are still supported in improving their skills, they are very excited to gain a bit more independence to create and build in the tool shed.


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“...no learner can afford to be dependent on the teacher for everything that needs to be noticed, so teachers have to teach children to look for possibilities.”

Peter Johnston

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