Priority 1 – Children at the Centre

horse-carer3Focus Area One: Children at the Centre

In this Focus Area we have identified a clear and ongoing focus on our children! Our energy in this priority is around “growing our dynamic, responsive and nurturing environments to ensure that children are empowered as healthy, resilient, engaged, inclusive and self-regulated individuals in a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.” Read that again … slowly. I know I need to.

We truly celebrate that our children experience a dynamic education at BPCS because our educators are trained to be responsive to opportunities and provocations that present in each ‘moment’ of a day. As a school our unique proposition revolves around the ‘gifts’ we encourage in our learning environments; Rich Relationships, learning through Joy and Play (across PK-Year 12!), Allowing Time, Mindful Environments, engaging in a Project-Based approach to learning, Connecting with Nature and our Exceptional Educators!

This focus area speaks to our conscious commitment to grow and make visible these goals for our children and in embedded school practice;

  • Children are Aware and Resourceful; equipped with the skills to engage with their world; e.g. self-regulation strategies, protective behaviours, opportunities within our physical environments; cyber-awareness and digital citizenship.
  • Children are Healthy; mentally and physically healthy, mutually respectful and collaboratively focused.
  • Promote and grow a culture/environment where children are challenged, engaged and see themselves as stakeholders in the learning journey.
  • Children who hold an ‘Ethic of Excellence’ in their approach and attitude to learning and the learning journey.
  • Make visible our BPCS Learner Profiles.
  • Provide children with a supportive environment by focusing on the development of ‘soft skills’ (collaboration, resilience, inter-personal skills). Making visible and maximising the impact of our support services: Inclusive Education, Counselling, Literacy / Numeracy Support and AISWA Psychological Services and training.

Whilst we have identified four focus areas together, we are mindful of the interplay and co-dependent nature of our priorities. We look forward to introducing the other two components over the final weeks of term and more broadly in 2017.

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“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

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