Sarah Polson-Brown

Graduating with honours from Murdoch University, Sarah completed a degree in primary education, specialising in early childhood development. While at university Sarah received the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, awarded to students that place in the top 2% of their bachelor degree.

Prior to Sarah’s initial appointment as an educator at BPCS she accrued two years’ experience working full time as a teaching intern while completing her final years of study. During Sarah’s internship at BPCS she developed an understanding of the school’s progressive approach to education cultivating a teaching philosophy inspired by the theory of social constructivism and the practice of educators in Reggio Emilia.

Sarah is a devoted educator with many research interests, specifically within the early years of child development. Professionally, Sarah seeks to nurture the holistic development of every student through child-centred learning, play and exploration. At BPCS Sarah has found a team of world-class educators who share and support her desire to develop creative, autonomous life-long learners of the 21st century.


“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

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