Sam Jefferies

Through my work at Bold Park Community School, I have developed a belief in and passion for teaching through a Social Constructivism lens, relation and exposure to nature and outdoor activities (nature-play), the importance of community and teaching to the whole child.

Inside the classroom, I believe in developing higher order thinking skills, through problem-solving activities, it is my belief that if we give students the tools and strategies to tackle the unknown they will be prepared for the challenges that they will face in our ever-changing world. I believe Mathematics can be interesting and exciting and that if we engage students with content, they can see the purpose and engage deeply. I’m also passionate about English, its links to all subjects and the importance of creating strong literate readers and writers.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy being by the ocean (in or around it), swimming, surfing, I have taken up rock climbing and enjoy the challenge of trying new activities. When I am not being active I enjoy relaxing through yoga, reading a good book or watching movies/shows that interest me.


“A school has the responsibility not only to engage their community in the pursuit of academic skills but to promote an attitude of life-long learning and thus keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”

Gillian McAuliffe

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