Mira Dragicevic

Mira migrated from former Yugoslavia in 2002 and was introduced to BPCS in 2003. She started her role as a cleaner and even doing this job she was actively engaged with children and established relationships and trust with them in such a manner that it was noticed by founder of BPCS, Gillian McAuliffe, who encouraged her to join the team of passionate educators.

Becoming a part of teaching team since 2004 Mira gained confidence in working with different age groups in Early Childhood. 2004 also saw her complete her Certificate 3 in Working with Children, participated in many BPCS Workshops as a part of presenting team, attended many Professional Development workshops outside the BPCS and passionately enjoyed learning together with children.

BPCS has become a place that Mira often refers as a second home, a place where her heart gets inspired to investigate, share joy of new discoveries, celebrate differences and listen with all senses.


“Through others we become ourselves.”

Lev S. Vygotsky

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