Jesse Altham

Jesse is a qualified Youth Worker who is passionate about empowering, supporting and advocating for young people. His professional career has seen him engaging with young people in a variety of ways. He has previously worked as Youth Worker and Education Assistant within school settings and has delivered professional sports coaching to primary schools in Perth.

Jesse is also a busy musician and has previously used his knowledge to teach young people how to play instruments or form their own bands.

With Jesse’s diverse range of experience and interests, he has been able to build nurturing and valuable relationships with young people in whatever setting he is in. With a genuine passion for improving social health outcomes in his community, Jesse aims to empower the young people he works with to feel safe, supported and confident within their school and within themselves.


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Making a Mascot

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“One of the things that has been wonderful about the Bold Park Community School is its opportunity to respond to the needs that are specific to the child ... it is reassuring when a school can deliver at a pace and style that is respectful of the individual's differences and needs AND to demonstrate the relevance of curriculum issues into the application for real life and living.”

Dr Trevor Parry

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