Jarryd Horsley

Jarryd commenced at Bold Park since mid way through 2015 as our Bluearth specialist after completing his final teaching practical placement at Bold Park. He has continued in this role and is now also part of the middle primary team in the classroom on Thursdays and Fridays. He also delivers the health program in middle school as of 2017.

Jarryd has also been trained in the Rock and Water program which he delivers to the students across the school through his role as Bluearth teacher. His role also includes being involved with camps and sleep overs across all areas of the school. Jarryd is trained in aquatic rescue and first aid to help with this role.

Jarryd also runs the leadership program at Bold Park which involves providing the year sixes with opportunities to better the community and develop their skills as leaders.


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Making a Mascot

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“One of the things that has been wonderful about the Bold Park Community School is its opportunity to respond to the needs that are specific to the child ... it is reassuring when a school can deliver at a pace and style that is respectful of the individual's differences and needs AND to demonstrate the relevance of curriculum issues into the application for real life and living.”

Dr Trevor Parry

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