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Hazel has over 25 years of working in the educational field and holds a double HDE qualification in Early Childhood and Primary Education. She furthered her studies in Remedial Education with the specialisation in Literacy and Numeracy. Further down the track Hazel then went on to study her MEd. in Special Education and more recently completed her MEd. in Administration. Hazel is passionate about being a lifelong learner and will be found participating in many external and internal professional learning experiences. Hazel has travelled and gained experience in several educational settings in Australia, Africa and Asia. She has enjoyed filling an array of positions in her professional journey ranging from classroom teacher, lecturer, distance education co-ordinator through to Educational Leader and Vice Principal. 

Hazel’s journey with the Reggio Approach began many years ago when she first graduated from Teacher’s College and worked with a child-focussed, inspirational teacher. She holds the Reggio and Bold Park philosophies close to her heart along where her practice and way of being with the children in her class continues to develop, offering inspiring, thought-provoking and deep learning opportunities in the program 

She is an advocate for children as well as her colleagues and believes strongly that children and adults have a right to be heard and thus enjoys working alongside her students and colleagues in a collaborative manner. Working in a way where practice highlights, acknowledges and articulates that children and adults are contributors, curious and have so much to offer their communities they find themselves inFurthermore, Hazel also holds the view that children are not “tabula rasa” to be written on or filled up because they were lacking and without but rather that they were already whole beings with history and experiences that was both valid and important enough to be included in the classes in which they were found.  


“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Dalai Lama

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