Felicity Kinsella

Felicity has held positions at several public schools in Western Australia, covering many areas of learning over her 25 years in education. Prior to beginning at BPCS in 2012, Felicity worked for seven years as an Integration Specialist at an Arts and Science focus school in Colorado, USA.

Having taught a range of different age levels both as a class and a specialist teacher, she brings an awareness of student growth along their educational and social-emotional journey. Felicity’s teaching utilises art as the catalyst for design based projects that connect student learning across several learning areas.

A life spent in pursuit of kinaesthetic challenges has seen Felicity achieving accolades locally in Calisthenics and nationally with a Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics. After her acceptance into the Bachelor of Education programme in Dance at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Felicity’s two years of study triggered working and gaining further dance studies in both North Carolina and California.

After all of her extensive and diverse experiences in education she has found, in Bold Park Community School, a place where her love of the arts and her respect for educational excellence harmoniously coexisting.


“...no learner can afford to be dependent on the teacher for everything that needs to be noticed, so teachers have to teach children to look for possibilities.”

Peter Johnston

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