Felicity Kinsella

Felicity has held teaching positions at several public schools in Western Australia, covering many areas of experience over more than 30 years in education. Prior to beginning at BPCS in 2012, Felicity worked in USA school districts, and she especially enjoyed seven years at The da Vinci Academy as an integration specialist (Dance and Physical Education) and the integration team coordinator. This Colorado school was art and science focused.

Alongside education, Felicity has pursued kinaesthetic challenges, achieving accolades locally and nationally with a Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Working towards a Bachelor of Education in Dance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Felicity spent time working and gaining further dance studies in both North Carolina and California.

Felicity’s roles at BPCS have been in primary classrooms, on the art team and in leadership. Her team leadership positions began with arts and then primary team leader. The philosophy and approach at Bold Park Community School have further developed her interest in the science of learning and the brain/body connection. Here, Felicity has found a place where her love of the arts and her respect for educational excellence coexist.


“One of the things that has been wonderful about the Bold Park Community School is its opportunity to respond to the needs that are specific to the child ... it is reassuring when a school can deliver at a pace and style that is respectful of the individual's differences and needs AND to demonstrate the relevance of curriculum issues into the application for real life and living.”

Dr Trevor Parry

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