Emma D’Orazio

Emma’s teaching adventures have taken her from Perth to Broome, Melbourne to London, and back home to Perth, where she likes it best. Upon graduating from her Diploma of Secondary Education in 2013, she was awarded a membership with the Golden Key International Honours Society and has worked in a diversity of school settings since. She specialises in English but has also taught Humanities and Primary Italian and Performing Arts. Emma is passionate about student engagement and enjoys weaving her creativity into the curriculum to facilitate positive student outcomes. Bold Park Community School’s philosophy resonates quite strongly with her and she is looking forward to being a part of the school community.


“One of the things that has been wonderful about the Bold Park Community School is its opportunity to respond to the needs that are specific to the child ... it is reassuring when a school can deliver at a pace and style that is respectful of the individual's differences and needs AND to demonstrate the relevance of curriculum issues into the application for real life and living.”

Dr Trevor Parry

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