Outta Boundz Partnerships Providing Opportunities

During Semester 2 in 2020 Middle School and College students through the schools Outta Boundz program had the opportunity to learn about sculpting with clay through one of our partners ClayMake Studios. Students were introduced to the medium of clay and the processes to sculpt and fire it into a piece of artwork.

One student enjoyed the experience so much they went on to engage with ClayMake Studios post the semester and as a result participated in a collaborative artwork by Andrea Vinkovic at the recent Sculptures by the Sea. exhibition in Cottesloe.

Site 53, entitled Labyrinth (in search for the meaning) was a collection of 27 “rocks” as Andrea describes them, each made of recycled and reclaimed clay and joined by an underground root system to form the shape of a curved labyrinth.

Each of the rocks have two main faces humanity and nature and Andrea arranged them so that the narrative is different depending on where you enter the Labyrinth from.

Year 12 student Jordan, thrived in this opportunity as they mentioned at the recent opening of the Maylands Campus during their speech.

Well done Jordan on this achievement.


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Outta Boundz Partnerships Providing Opportunities

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