At Bold Park Community School we aim to share our ideas and experiences with the professional community. Over the years we have developed a body of work which discusses the experiences we have had working within the school community and now we wish to share these wonderful and inspiring stories.

Bold Park Community School Publications


The Humble Honky Nut, Awakening Relationships with Nature Through Indoor Environments. By Gillian McAuliffe. $47.50

The inspiration for this 56 page full colour book is the engaging environments of Bold Park Community School. In this community the challenge to include natural resources in indoor environments has been embraced as essential to the educational experience of the children and families. Whenever possible, provocations and possibilities engage children directly with found natural and created resources with a view to developing a deep love and respect for our human relationship with our environment. School resources strive to provide open-ended provocations and endless possibilities for creating and understanding.


The Book of Faces – a journey into identity through the eyes of a child  with the support of found materials. By Nicole Hunter and Pamela Wise – featuring The Story Riders. $37.50

‘The Book Of Faces’ features a class of four year old children at Bold Park Community School who called themselves The Story Riders.  The Story Riders were invited to draw self portraits and were then offered an array of materials, ranging from  industrial and static to  soft and pliable, in order to recreate their self-portraits.  This experience took The Story Riders on a journey that involved not only self discovery, it also created stronger bonds between the friendship groups within the class.

Conference Resource Page – Role of the Adult in the Outdoors (Gill)



“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

Sir Ken Robinson

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