Code of Conduct

Bold Park Community School is committed to providing a child-safe environment which safe guards all students and is committed to promoting practices which provide for the safety, well-being and welfare of our children and young people. Bold Park Community School expects all school community members including staff, volunteers, students, visitors and contractors to share this commitment.

All Staff at Bold Park Community School (Including Teachers, Interns, Administration and Grounds Staff) have a current Working With Children and also sign a Staff Code of Conduct. BPCS ensures that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to standards of behaviour and the current requirements of law in Western Australia.

A copy of the school’s Code of Conduct is available here: Staff Code of Conduct

All employees of the school must comply with this Code. Volunteers, visitors and contractors are also expected to comply with this CodeStaff who are responsible for engaging or managing external consultants, contractors or volunteers, must ensure to make these individuals/persons aware of the School’s expectations of conduct consistent with the school’s Code of Conduct during the period of their engagement.  Any conduct that is not consistent with the Code may result in the engagement of a contractor, consultant or volunteer being terminated and/or significant concerns reported to the police.

In this context, visitors, volunteers and contractors will be held accountable for breaches of the Code.



“A school has the responsibility not only to engage their community in the pursuit of academic skills but to promote an attitude of life-long learning and thus keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”

Gillian McAuliffe

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