Making Learning Visible

Bold Park Community School believe in the value of "making learning visible".

This is not only in making thinking and learning visible to students but also engaging and articulating learning practices, processes and goals for the purpose of;

  • Communicating learning to parents.
  • Articulating the learning journey as part of the educator’s professional development.
  • Documenting learning through our Professional Outreach to other educators; both in Australia and the world.

Documentation takes many forms at BPCS, including;

  • “Banners” displayed around the school capture projects of learning reflecting a “Whole-School Focus” or emphasis.
  • “In-the-moment” communications through “EDUCA” – an electronic means of communicating learning moments in either group or individually targeted “stories” from the educator to the parent.
  • “SnapShot” Reporting – Capturing students learning achievements “overtime” and an opportunity for students to reflect on their own learning journey.
  • Individual letters from staff to students.
  • Portfolios; whilst these look different across the school; the aim and focus is to make student learning visible and celebrate achievement and progress over time.
  • Numerous Publications – Over the past years; publications on a classroom level were numerous including; Recipe Books, Calendars, a Class Novel, e-Books, Picture Books, Year Books, Playing Cards, Short-Story Anthology, Video and Media Publications, Short Films, Documentary and Music Videos.
  • Electronic Communication with our Parents – e.g. EDUCA (Whole-School), Edublogs (Middle School and College)

You may also wish to visit our Blog to read a few stories/examples of what learning at Bold Park Community School looks like … on the ground!


“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Dalai Lama

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