Official Opening of the “Boathouse” & Thank Yous!



The Boathouse was Officially Opened at the Bold Park Community School “Community Breakfast” on the 16th March, 2016 by our school’s Patron; Maggie Dent and Year 12 students; Sophia Witte and Jacob Wootton.

The Boathouse has served as an important part of the expansion of our College program in the context of our flourishing Middle School and College programs at Bold Park Community School caters for Year 7-12.

Here is an excerpt from the speech given by Principal, Paul Whitehead to acknowledge the efforts of all who have worked toward the fulfillment of this project.

My first experience of the “Boathouse” was a phone call in the school holidays from Gillian McAuliffe just over four years ago to look at a building housed at Telethon Speech and Hearing. It was a bold move to purchase, relocate and work toward occupancy!

The BPCS Board; through a number of staff and Boards, have worked to ready this beautiful building for final approval through the Town of Cambridge. There are many people to thank who have spent hours on; seeking approval, relocating the building, constructing and planning the required car park extension and readying the premises for occupancy. It has projected across a number of shifts in Board and as we have approached today’s official launch; we have sought to personally invite everyone we knew who had made a contribution.

Today we especially thank and acknowledge our Founding Principal, Gillian McAuliffe, Mandi Winnett, Tristan Wheelan, Simon Wetherley, Mark Baker, Lei Baker, members of the Board (current and past), the Town of Cambridge and the College team who have now made it their home. We would also like to thank Mark Nolan for the work he completed across his time as School Director and the A2Z team (lead by Mark) for their work on preparing (and repairing) the Boathouse and carpark.

Only a few short weeks ago, a young lady arrived at the school wanting to donate some art supplies. We wanted to send her a letter of thanks but could not find an address so we sought out her website and stumbled upon some majestic mural pieces. Linzi Carter worked with our College students to develop a design brief and we now have this beautiful mural as a welcome for our Boathouse environment!

The Boathouse is being christened to accommodate a growing demand for our secondary community – it is our great honour to ask our Year 12 students and our Patron “Saint”; Maggie Dent (who has always been here to support the work of Bold Park Community School), to do the honour of cutting the ribbon and officially opening our BOATHOUSE.

May God Bless her and all who sail in her.

Paul Whitehead

Bold Park Community School 

As a “nice touch” the Boathouse was christened with the smashing of a non alcoholic bottle of champagne; carefully rigged and rehearsed by Ursula, Malora and Warren!



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