Maylands is Open!

Last Wednesday morning we celebrated the official opening of our Maylands Campus in conjunction with our Annual Community Breakfast. This looked very different this year as we are now at two campuses. Wembley and Maylands.

Maylands started with a breakfast, coffee from Kafe a go go, our new local in Maylands down on the green and the newly designed and painted courtyard and amphitheatre at the campus. Following some delicious eats we moved to the courtyard the space between the church and the manse, and took our seats in the sun (yes it was somewhat hot) and gathered to hear from Paul Whitehead, (Principal), Tim Vidler, (Team Leader Middle School and College), Neville Collard (Noongar Elder) and a host of students.

Paul thanked and acknowledged the many who had helped to shape and create the magnificent spaces that we now have for our College students including: Mark Baker and Julian Tan from Meyer Shircore Architects; Neil Campbell, Amy Albany and Jo Cook from KIDS Open Learning School (whose board graciously gifted us the entirety of the property and assets); the Bold Park Community School Board current and past, including current Board Chair, Emma Majstrovich and Past Board Chairs, Lei Baker and Delphi McGeough; Mark Slatter, Mick Stainsbury and Armani May from the Slatter Group; Mirek Carter from Waterwise Landscaping; Simone Marsh, Parent and Landscape Designer; Joel Smith, Red Dog Electrics and Phil Digney from All-In-One Maintenance to name just a few.

Current students were given the opportunity to speak from their point of view and were asked the question “What does BPCS mean to you and what’s different about it to other schools”:

Annie, a Year 11 student said the following:

“It’s like describing colour to someone who is blind, not that any of you are blind, its really hard to find the words. Most schools including my previous one, say very similar things to Bold Park on their websites, a collaborative learning space, a supportive environment, but there is a difference between what you say and what you do. When I came to Bold Park, I felt for the first time that my teachers really cared and took into consideration what I wanted to do with my life. I also noticed how open the teachers were to discussion. In my first health lesson the trust between students, peers and their teachers became apparent. The teacher put a question up on the board to prompt a discussion in the class. Naturally I didn’t expect anyone to talk, I thought they’d all be uncomfortable, but everyone chipped in, everyone was engaged. Later I asked one of the kids, why no one was scared of asking questions or being judged, or being wrong she said one simply thing to me that has stuck with me ever since. We’re different to other schools…”

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos below as much as we have enjoyed reliving the moments of the day through them.



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Maylands is Open!

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