Too Many Cooks in the Pre-Kindy Kitchen? NEVER!

Lyndal Ebert writes about the value of cooking with our Pre-Kindy children.


In Pre-Kindy one thing we are loving to explore is cooking! Not only is it a wonderfully engaging, fun and inclusive activity but it is a vital skill and an incredible learning tool.

Some things we love about cooking:

– It is a hands on activity that helps children develop pride and confidence in their abilities.

– Chopping, squeezing, mixing, and kneading all help to develop fine motor-skills and hand-eye coordination.

– Cooking inspires wonder as well as opportunities to predict, observe and experiment. Cooking is a great way to introduce new language, measure and follow a sequence of events and directions.

– And lastly and most importantly cooking is FUN! We get to create something together that we can enjoy and share as a group. It is beautiful to see the joy that the children get from seeing, tasting, smelling and sharing the experience of making and tasting a new food.

The beauty of Bold Park is that cooking is a learning opportunity that is born from the children’s interests. With the Kitchen Garden on hand, many of our recipes use ingredients that the children can actively source from our own produce – eggs, lemons, herbs, vegetables.  Nearly everything we have cooked so far has used something from the garden. The focus is also on the food being delicious and healthy.

So far this term we have made Banana and Strawberry icy-poles, a Lemon and Mint tea, Herbed Scrambled Eggs and Banana Damper.

I wonder what we will make next!?


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