Looking to the Future

The past months have been an exciting journey of exploring and investigating new adventures for Bold Park Community School; giving ourselves permission to look at what the future may hold; the Board, Team Leadership and Staff are excited about the next part of our journey.

Having just returned from my third year at the National Future Schools Conference in Sydney; I am energised by the ground-breaking work that Bold Park Community School has already achieved in education. The points of difference that are so easy to forget when it is part of our daily experience are by no means the pervasive experience for the vast majority of students in Australia.

More and more, Bold Park Community School is being recognised as a “small school with a big ripple”; with a model for education that many wish they were able to emulate.  I have been most grateful for the opportunity to spend time this past week with like-minded leaders; Larry Rosenstock (High Tech High), Richard Gerver and Lane Clarke; to discuss our contexts and culture; and the challenges/opportunities for the future.

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“Through others we become ourselves.”

Lev S. Vygotsky

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