Green for “GO” – Two Campuses, One School

In August 2018, we were delighted to share with our whole community the arrival of a very special gift; a ‘game-changer’ for the future of Bold Park Community, namely, our ‘Maylands Campus’. Much thought, planning and hard work has been invested over the past 14 months into reimagining this space and the possibilities for our College Campus.

Whilst much work is still to be finalised we have achieved some significant milestones to date

  • Architectural redesign of the majority of the Maylands site working with Mr Mark Baker as the expert design director/architect and project manager.
  • Securing an ‘Advanced Determination’ from the Non-Government Schools Planning Advisory Panel (Education Department) to move ahead with a Year 10-12 Campus on site.
  • Working with the City of Bayswater for planning and building approvals (and support for our on-site parking plans).
  • Successfully securing a Low-Interest Loan for our development of the Maylands site.
  • Building unique and successful partnerships with local business and educational partners such as the RISE Recreation Centre / Library and the West Australian Ballet.
  • Working to safely secure the site and ensure that all consideration for safety and function have been assessed and managed: e.g. arborist consultations (and heritage status for our on-site trees), electrical, Internet cabling, hazardous waste removal, geotechnical reporting, landscaping design (working with our playground designer, Simone Marsh).

On behalf of the Bold Park Community School Advisory Board and the Staff of Bold Park Community School we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the ‘Slatter Group’ in a formal contract for the development of the Maylands site in 2020 and working to ensure that the new senior secondary school campus will be ready for full occupancy before the end of the academic year (2020). This announcement follows an extensive tender process and formal approval at our October Board Budget Meeting.

Today we are pleased to provide our community with plans and full access to the artist impression pictures of the Maylands site. The site is approved to hold up to 80 students with option to extend to 100 if required – we can now rigorously pursue our marketing endeavours in light of these ‘green light’ approvals.

As a school, we are very proud of our broad senior school offerings in the WACE, Endorsed Programs and Certificate offerings; in particular, our flagship Certificate IV Design offering that allows students to gain a portfolio entry to many WA Universities. In 2020-2021 we will work to build our offerings in response to enrolment interest and more specifically the needs and aims of our student group.

We believe that the Certificate IV Design course allows a significant point of difference and also positions us to respond to student interest and endeavour in the young adult arena (Years 10-12) with a range of artistic and design disciplines that compliments our ‘Arts Core’ – design is able to incorporate multiple creative elements both as generalist or specialist disciplines; dramatic, tactile arts, engineering/entrepreneurship, animation, graphics, performance, verbal-based arts, production, radio, videography, photography, sculpture, music, web design, playwrighting, composition, choreography, game development … one would say ‘100 languages’ of possibility.

Maylands will offer something truly unique in the WA educational landscape and will allow us to extend the reach and possibilities within our Wembley campus; building our community’s confidence in the full PK-12 journey.

A glimpse of our current Year 12 graduates shines a bright light on the exceptional young people we have the privilege to learn alongside. It offers a ‘right of passage’ for our young people into a new environment of possibility and offers a Bold Park education to a wider range of students looking for something exceptionally different.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Maylands in 2020 but for now, I am pleased to update you on this significant ‘next step’.

Work on this project has been substantial but particular thanks must be awarded to Sue Wyatt, Business Manager, who has overseen the Maylands transfer from the get-go and has worked tirelessly on this project; Mark Baker, Meyer Shircore Architects, who has spent dozens of hours working, consulting, quoting, advising, listening and advocating for great outcomes on this project … Thank you, Mark! Our Team Leaders and School Board (especially both Delphi McGeough and Lei Baker who have both served in the role of Chair of the Board over this period). Our secondary team always advocate for great outcomes for our students and I thank them for their commitment, energy and partnership in working with this new exciting project – they are big dreamers and big achievers. This picture would not be complete without special thanks to our Maintenance Team; Warren McMurtrie who manages a busy Wembley campus, worked on multiple projects including the new playground in Early Childhood as well as troubleshooting quotes, trades and works with Sue ‘on the ground’ in Maylands and Paul Host who maintains the grounds. They deserve a hearty “Thank You” for their amazing work!

Most importantly, I thank our parent community for sharing our vision and perspective that although we will have two campuses – we are still very much ONE SCHOOL!

Thank you for celebrating with us.


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