Strategic Priority – A Flourishing Community

We will continue to treasure our heritage and work together to foster a loving, engaged, serving and learning community

Like the other focus areas; there are often many areas covered under the one ‘umbrella’. This is most certainly true of ‘A Flourishing Community’, our third strategic focus area.

bold life

‘A Bold Life’ – Celebrating the work and accomplishments of our school’s Founder; Gillian McAuliffe.

We want to ensure that we honour and treasure the heritage of our school through our ongoing and rich relationship with our school’s Founder, Gillian McAuliffe (and the McAuliffe Family), our school’s Indigenous Heritage and blossoming relationships with Indigenous Elders, our school’s Alumni, our school’s Patron, Maggie Dent and our many educational and philosophical partnerships. We also aim to make more visible the origins, history and heritage of our school and site.



2016 Ride to School Day – Parents, Teachers and Children!

The school’s purpose is to “cultivate a community of learners who positively influence their worlds”. It is our heartfelt aim to engage our family community as co-learners and co-contributors in our school village. This will require a larger conversation and engagement together as we discover and explore new opportunities for partnership. Learning together, partnering in projects and growing our community rituals as well as maintaining and celebrating the achievements and traditions we already share at Bold Park Community School.



Maggie and Paul at our International Mud Day 2016 festivities, raising money our Nepal friends!

The focus of a truly ‘flourishing’ community is also how we connect and contribute beyond our gates, through the relationships and interactions we are able to enjoy in our local community, our state, our nation and our world. It is our desire to continue to develop authentic connections with our local and global community and to make visible the rich relationships we enjoy as a giving and caring community.

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“Through others we become ourselves.”

Lev S. Vygotsky

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