Exploring Possibilities – A Strategic Priority


“Focus Area Four: Accelerated Growth and Sustainability”

In this Focus Area we have identified a responsibility to continue to grow our school enrolments, enrolment capacity and build on our financial sustainability. In fulfilling this objective, we know we must consider the impacts on our current site capacity and be open to explore new horizons.

The focus on growth and sustainability is about finding balance to manage our resources well, improve our viability and explore a range of future opportunities through a gambit of well-informed ‘possibilities’ informed by feedback from students, parents, staff and our strategic partners.

These ‘explorations’ could include:

  • additional campus/es,
  • buying land,
  • establishing an Infant-Toddler Centre/s,
  • campsite/s,
  • Conference and Outreach opportunities,
  • business interests or
  • duplicating the Bold Park Community School ‘model’

– the key words here are ‘exploring possibilities. It is a key objective that our endeavours seek to expand opportunities for our children and to further our influence and voice in education.



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“...no learner can afford to be dependent on the teacher for everything that needs to be noticed, so teachers have to teach children to look for possibilities.”

Peter Johnston

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