Community Breakfast 2018

Our annual Community Breakfast was once again blessed with great company and good weather! Thank you for preparing a plate and sharing the morning with us. I always love the opportunity to meet and greet new parents and those who do not always have the chance to be around the school on a daily basis – the feedback has been very positive!

Once again our good friend Neville Collard delivered a beautiful “Welcome” and our visiting Indigenous Dancer (Anthony) a thought-provoking display of artistic movement. Music from Kylie and the Ukulele Ensemble was, as always, a delightful enhancement to the morning’s events.


Special thanks must go to Max and Trent for their work on designing and building the trebuchet. While we didn’t see the trebuchet hit it’s target on the morning, Max and Trent have shared their journey with us through a series of videos and as was mentioned on the day, they were successful… just the night before! I was reminded this week, that it is not necessarily about the outcome, but about the process that gets us there.

I would also like to thank our hard-working staff for their outstanding work throughout the morning; they ran 15 unique “stations” throughout the morning including Mud Makers, Yoga, Ice-Cream, Magic Masters, Water Colour Create, Indigenous Arts, Silent Disco Art, Zentangle, Tinker-Tailor, Page Crafters, Bluearth, Listening to Trees, Boat Builders, Tree Planters and Sand Pit. It was a particular highlight to spend the morning with the students in these “break out” sessions – they are so enthusiastic and hungry to engage!

I think you will agree that the pictures (Thank you, Rory) speak for themselves! Stunning!



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