Cob Fire Bowl and Understanding Flint (Pre-Primary)

Over the past couple of weeks we have been constructing a firebowl out of cob (clay, dirt and hay). The magic of cob is that we need to use our feet to blend all of it together.

This is an experience that for some children takes them right out of their comfort zone and for others they are in their element. Some of the children who stayed as far away as possible from the mud came over today to watch from a distance and when the coast was clear they quickly reached down to touch the mud with the tips of their fingers. It was delightful to see their faces as they were pleasantly surprised with how it felt. It has been an exciting journey as we perfect the cob recipe. We have some cob experts who got to know when it was too dry and we needed more clay or when it was too wet and we needed more sand.

This experience has allowed the children to explore the clay and the earth using most of their senses. We have watched how it changes when we add water and when it dries out and how the clay changes physically. We can’t wait to start using our firebowl.

Understanding “Flint”

Leslie came to visit us today and with our recent discussions and explorations about fire we decided to have a go at using flint.

It requires steady control and lots of strength to create a spark. Once they had been successful at creating a spark we then had a go at lighting some cotton wool. We talked a lot about persistence! The Magical Wolves were extremely successful and were very proud of themselves when they managed to set the cotton wool on fire.

This was a wonderful activity to allow the children to self risk assess. We talked about how to look after ourselves and each other when using the flint.


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