Bold Reading Challenge

Bold Reading Challenge

A few years ago, the Premier of Western Australia would run an annual ‘Summer Reading Challenge’. Over the summer holiday break, WA children were challenged to set a goal in relation to their reading, log their reading and celebrate their achievement together. Sadly, the challenge stopped in 2014 as not enough children were participating! I remember that my son (now 12 years old) was very keen to participate in the Reading Challenge and he found his love for reading really moved ahead in leaps and bounds by the time he had completed the summer challenge!

I would love to give you a reading challenge and I am keen to find out who will take up the challenge, set a goal and achieve it!

What is involved in the Bold Reading Challenge?

You are encouraged to select a range of books suited to your interests and reading level. Some age appropriate, reading list suggestions are available for you (and your parents) to access online (see the links on EDUCA).

You can set your own reading goal but we would love to congratulate (and celebrate with) all of you who achieve within the following guidelines:

For you to successfully complete the Bold Reading Challenge you are required to read or experience the number of books indicated in the table below. For PP-Year 2, experiencing a book includes shared reading, listening and reading along with a book, or being read to. For older children, whatever books you choose should offer some challenge to you as a reader.

Year level Number of books
PP – Year 2 Read or experience at least 20 books and go to the local library at least once in the term three holiday period.
Years 3 – 4 Read at least 20 books and go to the local library at least once in the term three holiday period.
Years 5 – 9 Read at least 15 books* and go to the local library at least once in the term three holiday period.

* The requirement for Year 5 through to Year 9 students to read 15 books rather than 20 books acknowledges that older students are likely to select longer, more complex books that may take them longer to read.


When does the Bold Reading Challenge take place?

The Bold Reading Challenge commences on Monday 20th August 2018 at the start of Book Week and runs through to Week 4 Term 4 when we will be holding our “Blind Date with a Book Fair”.

How will you know I have completed the Bold Reading Challenge?

Easy! We will ask that a responsible adult signs-off that you have read the books that you have placed on your Reading Log List. You will need to hand your completed Reading Log List to your teacher in Week 4 in Term 4 when the Blind Date with a Book Fair begins! You have until the close of school on Friday 24th August to hand it in.

Suggested Booklists: Your parents will receive a special note on EDUCA with links to suggested booklists for Early Childhood, PP-Year 9 that you may wish to consider together. (Source: Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge Resource)

  Early childhood PP to Year 1 Years 1 – 3 Years 3 – 5 Years 5 – 7 Years 7 – 9
2017 Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist
2016 Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist
2015 Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist Booklist


I look forward to celebrating with you those who have completed the challenge (or achieved their own goal)  following the “Blind Date with a Book Fair” in Term Four!

Let me know how you are going during the challenge, I would LOVE to hear all about it (



Paul Whitehead
Bold Park Community School


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