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I’m sure you have felt the surge in engagement as a result of our Whole School Sustainability Focus in 2019; in some instances, it has foregrounded the work that has been taking place across the campus for many years and commitments we have made as a school from our initial foundations. We are pleased to see new major projects ahead.

Ursula Prause, our Science and Permaculture Specialist, completed her Certificate III in Permaculture last year but committed to extend her learning journey by enrolling in the Diploma of Permaculture course with Ross Mars at Candlelight Farm. Ursula is working with our staff and students to oversee many significant projects that will (and do) engage our students in sustainable-minded thinking across the campus.

Kitchen Garden Project

A significant part of the Diploma course is assessing a variety of different properties and then developing designs and suggestions with Permaculture principles in mind. The diploma team chose organisations to work alongside that seek advice on how to best achieve practical, sustainable, functional spaces that are pleasing to the eye. Thanks to Ursula, Bold Park Community School was one of the schools selected to be a part of the project and the assessing team worked with the guidance of Ross Mars and Lisa Passmore to produce recommendations for our Kitchen Garden Area.

The recommendations are extensive, well-researched and exciting. The full package is 29 x A3 pages in length and includes a re-imagining of the Kitchen-Garden Space as we know it. A copy of the ‘map’ is pictured below and you will see pop-up feedback boards appear in various locations across the weeks ahead. Along with our children, we would love your feedback!

A copy of the full draft plan package is available on request from Paul (paul@boldpark.com).

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Centre

Middle School and College have been working on a revamp of the space behind the Lake House (in Early Childhood) for a ‘Recycle Centre’, similar to the one operating from Perth City Farm. This has been well planned to ensure that we have specific, safe and reliable locations for each material element that we commit to receive and consolidates the collection and sorting points going forward. Watch this space for new-news in this arena.

I must say that classes across the school are engaged and committed to our sustainability journey – these three young ladies often dedicate their time to separating rubbish and applying the principles of the “Three Rs”!

Thank you, Lydia, Amani and Ally!

Wildspace Regeneration Project and Compost Centre

Middle School and College have committed to reintroduce local native plants and help create a haven for local birds and wildlife in the area adjacent to Powis Street to the north-west of the school site. The area is framed by a naturally constructed ‘fence of wooden triangles’. In addition, new plans are afoot for a composting centre (compost bays, worm farms, etc.) that will be run in partnership with our students.

There are many staff who are committed to these outcomes and projects (of note: Johanna, Leslie and Nicole); but particular thanks to Ursula Prause for her passionate pursuit of excellence for our school in this arena.

Busy Bees and Projects Ahead

In the coming months, we will also re-assess how we organise our Busy Bees in light of the skills and expertise we likely have in our parent body (for many of these projects for example). This has been a point of feedback from our community and we would like to work to schedule both ‘general’ and ‘targeted’ busy bees for the future. We’ll keep you posted!

These bigger projects are always informed and inspired by the learning taking place across the campus – I hope you feel the energy and mass of these opportunities for our community, for you and your children! The momentum is building and it’s a GREAT wave!

Did you know?… that Bold Park Community School is the first school in Australia to deliver a nationally accredited Certificate Course in Permaculture?


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