Being Bolder!

Our key purpose as a learning community is to “Reimagine what a school can be by cultivating a community of learners who positively influence their worlds.” Wow! It is a statement that motivates us to keep stretching forward, stay embedded in best practice and research, to be a school who lead the way in what is possible. I am energised by how our teams continue to ‘keep the light alive in children’s eyes’ at Bold Park Community School.

Over the past years, we have had many discussions about how we make this magic ‘visible’ and to clearly articulate how our philosophical priorities translate ‘on the ground’, in the day to day learning experiences with our children and young people. These insights are sought by prospective families, existing families (wishing to peek into the next phases of their child’s Bold Park experience) and the wider educational community who are inspired by the opportunities and priorities we are able to offer and experience with our children.

I am delighted to let you know that early in Term 4 we will be launching a new school publication, a magazine format called ‘Bolder’. ‘Bolder’ is a new initiative to help make tangibly visible the value of a Bold Park education. Each edition will seek to foreground a philosophical or pedagogical priority (our inaugural edition foregrounding the value of PLAY) and you will find inside stories, reflections and projects from across the school that articulate this central, core theme.

Why are we calling it ‘Bolder’?

We loved the creative names that came forward for the magazine: ‘Bolderdash’, ‘Bold Faced’, ‘Bold Being’, ‘Caught and Bold’ and even … ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’! But ‘Bolder’ seemed to serve many masters, Being BOLDER and encouraging those who read it to be BOLDER too, an obvious salute to our school’s name and our ‘BOLD’ energy in ‘challenging the status quo of education by rethinking and reimagining what a school can be!’ We enjoyed that the title audibly connects with ‘boulder’ i.e. prioritising the big rocks (boulders) and a hint of a connection with nature and outdoors.

Most importantly, we hope that ‘Bolder’ will be an empowering sharing tool; for our families to feel they can articulate more tangibly the value of the choice they have made in Bold Park and for educators to feel inspired by what is possible.

We will soon be celebrating the release of our inaugural issue, I especially thank Nicole Hunter (co-editor), Angela Mitchell (graphic designer and Bold Park parent) and all of our contributors for their work and commitment to a ‘Bolder’ vision.


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Being Bolder!

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“A school has the responsibility not only to engage their community in the pursuit of academic skills but to promote an attitude of life-long learning and thus keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”

Gillian McAuliffe

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