Beatmaking and Found Sounds

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Inspired by a popular Youtuber Andrew Huang (@andrewhuang), Middle School students this term are working on an Arts project combining both music and media disciplines. The project will see students recording ‘found’ sounds and composing them into songs. Found sounds are sounds that we hear in our everyday lives. Usually, they incorporate an object to create the sound such as water, crickets chirping or even computer keys clicking. These sounds are recorded and then composed into songs.

Middle School Students Listening to Beats  Middle School Student Working with Beats

The Middle School students began the project last week, by grasping some ideas on beats and how to make beats individually on their devices. They used an interactive website which introduces the music concepts of rhythms and allows them to create their own.  This week saw the students moving on to begin recording sounds they had found and will now begin to edit them. Following this, the students will begin arranging and composing the sounds into a musical piece in small groups.

We look forward to seeing how this project develops throughout the term. Here is a video of a musical piece from Andrew Huang (@andrewhuang) which inspired us with our project.


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