Our Unique Proposition

Bold Park Community School intentionally challenges the status quo of education by re-thinking and re-imagining what a school can be. We recognise that the future we will inhabit is shaped by the values we live today. We are a collaborative initiative between teachers and families and we have designed our approach around how children really learn.

In addition to our Philosophy and Values, we believe that Bold Park Community School is truly unique amongst schools for six main reasons:
  1. Exceptional Educators 

  • A team of at least two educators, plus specialists, in every classroom
  • Collaborative teaching teams are supported by a culture of inquiry, mentorship and excellence
  • Our teachers undertake continuous research, professional development and shared learning to remain current, energised and consistent
  • Our teachers partner with children, families and each other to co-construct meaningful learning experiences that resonate with our teaching and learning philosophy
  1. Human Relationships at our Heart

  • A capacity to consider and mutually respect others
  • A sense of belonging and shared commitment
  • A safe and nurturing social system
  • A community upholding individual rights and responsibilities
  • A celebration of unique identities
  • A climate of coexistence with our: parent-run-board, administration, leadership, families, teachers and students
  1. Learning With Joy and Play 

  • Respect for children’s imagination at work
  • Intrinsic motivation of discovery
  • Powerful experiential research
  • Hands-on and authentic learning
  • Endless possibilities
  • Practice persistence and problem-solving
  • Fosters resilience and risk

    4. A Project Based World

  • Incorporates student interests and passions
  • Provides the context for meaningful learning
  • Offers opportunities to work with, and for, others
  • Inspires creative common goals
  • Develops self-management and communication skills
  • Focuses on arts, design and interdisciplinary synthesis
  • Genuine preparation for life
  1. Giving Time 

  • Respect for the uniqueness of how and when, learners learn
  • Valuing reflection, problem solving, metacognition and discussion
  • Extending deep thinking and observation
  • From Primary school up, classes are grouped in broad age bands to allow for greater flexibility in pacing learning to our learner’s requirements.
  1. Mindful Environments 

  • Our indoor and outdoor learning spaces are purposefully created to be inviting and inspiring, and to enable exploration and discovery
  • The importance of connecting with nature, and a sense of belonging to a place, are paramount
  • We acknowledge and value the place of the learner in the home, local, and global communities


“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

Sir Ken Robinson

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