Our Identity & Values

We aim to become the school of choice for families seeking a nurturing, child-centred, research and evidence based education that helps to develop confident, resilient, creative, collaborative, responsible and respectful children capable of thriving in our ever-changing world.

Our Identity and Values (what makes us unique)

Respect for the needs and potential of every child is at the heart of our school.

We celebrate uniqueness: we recognise that each of us is one-of-a-kind and acknowledge each other’s strengths. We recognise and value the many varied ways in which we can learn and make sense of our world.

We are respectful: our children are treated as equals and we help them learn to build healthy relationships with their peers and community. We encourage our children to work in collaboration and achieve success as a team.

We are resilient: we have the confidence and fortitude to keep trying if at first we don’t succeed; and to accept and learn from our challenges.

We are joyful: we love learning and help our children develop a sense of wonder in their world by emphasising nature-based and ‘real life’ experiences.

We are creative: our learning environments promote reflectivity, ingenuity, imagination and problem solving.

We foster an ethic of excellence: we believe that if we are going to do something, we should do it well and create a culture where the children are excited about doing their best and proud of what they achieve.

We are resourceful: we use what we have, find what we need and think outside the box to source our materials and solutions.

We are dynamic: we seek innovative ways to nurture and educate our children and we evolve and change in response to new knowledge and changing needs

We are a community: we actively engage with our ‘village’ and wider community in order to build a sense of self that includes and attends to the wellbeing of others.


“Stand aside for a while and leave room for learning, observe carefully what children do, and then, if you have understood well, perhaps teaching will be different from before.

Creativity becomes more visible when adults try to be more attentive to the cognitive processes of children than to the results they achieve in various fields of doing and understanding.”

Loris Malaguzzi

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