2017 Aboriginal Language and History PALS (Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing) Award

I am delighted to let you know that yesterday, Bold Park Community School was recognised by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs with the 2017 Aboriginal Language and History PALS (Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing) Award.

Nicole Hunter has provided additional insight into the background of this acknowledgement (see below), recognising the tremendous work of our teaching teams, the community and the school’s many partnerships with our insightful and giving friends within the Nyungar community.

I think it is important to also link this recognition with the passion that Nicole has bought to the many projects and initiatives across our school campus, including: The Reconciliation Action Plan, seeking out unique partnerships that honour the heritage of our communal land, enthusing our staff and community with exciting learning possibilities and most importantly … making authentic and genuine connections toward reconciliation in action for our young people.

Thank you, Nicole and Congratulations to Bold Park Community School!

Paul Whitehead


Language of Country

by Nicole Hunter

Indigenous languages are intrinsically linked to the land, law, kinship and ceremony, central to cultural belonging and identity of those who are descendants.  Nicole Hunter

At the time of European settlement, hundreds of Indigenous Aboriginal languages were spoken across our continent.  While many of these have been lost, the language of our local area is still very much in existence.

This year we embarked on a significant Indigenous language and culture program, with the purpose of building our recognition and understanding of indigenous heritage. Across the school, class groups have had opportunities to learn about language and culture of the land we are situated on, directly from members of the Nyungar community. Through the naming of landmarks, seasons, flora, fauna and song we have tried to make visible the language and cultural heritage of our place. Connecting to the thousands of years of human existence, stories and perspectives of this country, and enriching our own sense of place

In support of this program, we were provided with a PALS (Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing) grant from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

We have been notified that Bold Park Community School has been awarded the Aboriginal Language and History 2017 PALS Award for this work.  I congratulate our teaching staff for the commitment they have shown to this work and I warmly thank the representatives from the Nyungar community who have shared with us their language, culture and song.  In particular Neville Collard, Justin Martin, Kobi Morrison and the Madjitil Moorna choir.

Indigenous languages are intrinsically linked to the land, law, kinship and ceremony, central to cultural belonging and identity of those who are descendants. The value of giving attention to and recognition of Indigenous languages by the wider community is considered an important part of the journey of reconciliation.


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